Gender Balance in the Cultural and Creative Sectors

Project Activities

Develop Diversity-Centred Learning Objectives

Before developing the training program, our consortium needs to specify precisely its learning objectives. During this activity – 8 specific statements in the form of learning objectives will be defined. The main purpose of the learning objectives is to inform our learners what they will be able to do at the completion of their learning experience.

Development of Blended Training Program and Training

The key priority of this blended training program is to support female artists in obtaining relevant digital and entrepreneurial skills as well as expanding their networking. In addition, it addresses the gender equality gaps in our organisations by educating our target public to establish their vivid online presence by moving their creative content online.
This activity will also significantly contribute to achieving the project objectives by delivering high-quality training in hybrid mode.

Training Program Evaluation

The training evaluation will identify some possible training gaps and even to discover opportunities for improving our training program. By evaluating the quality of our training, the consortium will be able to assess whether our blended training program is able to achieve its intended outcome, and if the produced training materials and resources are aligned with our project goals and objectives.