A better balance of power between genders in the Cultural and Creative Sector.

Gender Equality is the Basis of Humanity.

A better balance of power between genders!

Welcome! By considering the gender inequality in the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) and being inspired by female creativity, we created the Erasmus Plus co-funded project Femina - Inclusion of Women in the Cultural and Creative Sector (2022-1-LU01-KA210-VET-000081625) . It aims to break the barrier linked to education, job, entrepreneurship and social inclusion that stands in front of women who are involved in the cultural and creative sector (CCS) across Europe. Femina’s goal is to narrow the gender gap by encouraging women to enhance their key competences and so to make significant progress in the field of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Lack of confidence and limited business skills.

Our target audience is in great need to obtain edge-cutting skills in business development, problem-solving, self-presentation and pitching.


Limited knowledge and skills

Limited knowledge related to networking and cooperation as well as experiencing serious difficulties in accessing new markets.


Lack of acknowledgment

Creative outputs produced by women being valued and appreciated less compared to those by men.


Motivated by necessity than by opportunity

Women are motivated for starting their creative entrepreneur career more often by necessity than by opportunity.

“Femina” aims to achieve the following concrete outcomes:

— 01

Inclusion & Diversity

Learners’ perceptions of their own performance, including involvement during program, application of their learning, and having confidence in the practical implementation (at least 80% of satisfaction).

— 02

Upskilling our Staff & Public

Provide our staff and target audience with cutting-edge digital and entrepreneurial skills which refer to the CCS. 

— 03

Build Self-confidence

Raise the self-confidence of our target audience when it comes to applying for a job or promoting their creative concepts.

I would like to express my special thanks to the 'Femina' consortium for supporting my career in the creative entrepreneurship! I am extending my gratitude to our National agency Anefore a.s.b.l. for supporting this fantastic project.

Charlotte Alyson, Graphic Designer, Luxembourg

Break the barrier

Women in the EU earned on average 14.1% less per hour than men in 2019 (EU27 data).

The project aims to break the barrier linked to education, job, entrepreneurship and social inclusion that stands in front of women who are involved in the cultural and creative sector (CCS) across Europe and particularly in our partnership.
In order to deal with gender inequality within our organisations, this project aims to boost the qualification of women across Luxembourg and Bulgaria by creating a digital educational resource in the form of a digital blended learning programme.

Insights from our focus group interviews

Luxembourg Creative Lab and Budakov Films have conducted focus group interviews with representatives of our target audience.

Gender equality in the creative sector can be reached by giving girls access to education, providing women platforms to be in power and achieve economic success as well as ending violence and sexual assault against women.
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Aada Laine
Some creative industries, such as: cinema & TV, architecture, and etc., which are male-dominated have an inherent bias towards women and these industries discourage us. This has a long term negative impact on the industry growth.
GeRgana Dimitrova
As an individual I spread awareness on gender equality by using social media and making awareness in my circle of friends and sources.It is great that Anefore a.s.b.l. is actively supporting such projects.
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Alisa Hester